Saving a library on the Mac


With new Sierra users, you can check the iCloud settings from the Apple icon > System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options:


Can be enabled during the iCloud activation.


Make sure Documents and Data are not being Synced if you are saving your library there. Else save the library to another location. Make sure this is NOT enabled if you want to use these locations.

If left on, create a NEW folder on the Mac HD, call it EN Library files. Now save the EndNote library to this new location. Best way is to open Finder, click on the Go menu and click on the Home icon:


Create the new folder in this Home folder by clicking on File > New Folder.

New Folder

Give your new folder a meaningful name such as EN Library Folder. Easy to locate and outside any iCloud sync.

Now you can Save a Copy and give the library a meaningful name, suggest that you do NOT call it "My EndNote Library", this is the default name used by EndNote and can lead to confusion if you have different libraries with the same name.

Not always, but sometimes we found users had this turned on, without being aware that the iCloud sync was happening.